Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"La Trinacria" Some history for you!

Well by now, most of you I am sure have been wondering what the hell is on the top of my blog, this is the picture of "La Trinacria" which is a very important symbol to Sicilian culture, sure Sicily isn't known for to much other than the Mafia, but "La Costra Nostra" (translation mean's "Our Thing") is not the only symbol of Sicily. "La Trinacria" which means "triangle" has been associated with Sicily since the 3rd century B.C, when the ancient Greeks inhabited the island. The Greeks were the first to represent this island with a Trinakie, which is very similar to the symbol that is used today on the Sicilian flag. "La Trinacria" is made up of winged head of Medusa's in the center surrounded by 3 female legs and 3 wheat ears. Taken back by the beauty of Sicily's 3 capes, they used the female legs to symbolize the 3 coasts of Sicily, Peloro, Passero & Lilibeo. Medusa's head represented that the island was protected by Athena and the wheat and wings are symbols of prosperity and luck.
While the symbol itself, can be freighting or odd, I have been very intrigued by it. Maybe, because I am Sicilian, or maybe I am just crazy, but I decided to get "La Trinacria" tattooed on my arm. So I did...

Maybe this was my own way of getting in touch with my past, which I believe everyone should do. If you do not know where you come from, It is certainly a lot harder to find out where you are going. By the great Family I have, great Fratelli's I have and great friends I have; the great food and drink (don't forget the drink) we share is the glue that holds this crazy world all together. Sorry for the history lesson, I will have some new recipes coming at the end of the week. Be safe and I will talk to you soon.

-freddy g

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