Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pepperoni Roll & Pizza!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is well! This week I wanted to make a pepperoni roll along with a huge pizza! I always love making something new, and this was my first attempt at making a pepperoni roll, Although I did use my same pizza dough recipe it did add great flavor when I used Swiss Cheese & Parmigiana inside, Came out delicious, also for the Pizza I used fresh Mozzarella, Provolone & Parmigiana! Great flavor and it switches things up for your average mozzarella Pie.

Pepperoni Roll

Again like everything that I make using my Pizza Dough its best if you let the dough rise overnight in the refrigerator, this makes for the best dough, but you can make the dough on the spot and let raise for an hour or so, if you are in a hurry! Either way get ready to taste a delicious meal!!! SUO TUTTO MANGIARE!!! ITS ALL TO EAT!!!

Recipe Ingredients

For Homemade Dough:

- 4 cups of unbleached flour
- 2 cups of Warm water
- Packet of Baking Yeast
- 2 tbs of E.V.O

For Pepperoni Roll Filling:

- 1 Lg Package of Pepperoni
- Swiss Cheese
- Parmigiana Cheese

Pepperoni Roll - THE ROLL!

This recipe is extremely easy and relativly cheap, don't be afraid to add diffrent toppings, bacon or ham would be delicious also maybe some grilled chicken! Make it your own!!!

To begin with the dough, Start off with a large bowl, I always use a small amount of Olive Oil and rub my hands with it, this helps with handling the dough and not letting it stick to your hands. The first thing you need to do is add your 4 cups of unbleached flour into the bowl, then add your 2 tbs of Olive Oil, a packer of yeast and mix this all together. Then start to slowly add your warm water into the Bowl and mix with your hands until it begins to clump together and can be pulled of the side. Meade with your hands and continue to add water or flour to the mixture until your dough begins to form. By the end of this process your should be able to mold the dough and have it become a soft ball that is one single shape and consistency. Do not be afraid to add more flour to the dough to make it easier to handle. Once the dough is finished place in center of bowl in a small round ball, cover with plastic wrap or foil and let sit overnight in the fridge. This process allows the yeast to react with the flour and water and rise into a fluffy dough, good for Sicilian Pizza, Calzones, Rolls & Stromboli.


Once you are finished and let your dough sit, take dough and place on a large cooking tray, either with oil rubbed on, to help with sticking or on top of parchment paper. Then work the dough from the inside-out into a large rectangular shape, don't worry about the exact shape, as long as its thin, long and in a rectangle you should be fine! Once spread out, then cover entirely with pepperoni, then on top place your Swiss Cheese, and lastly pour on your Parmigiana Cheese. After this is complete you are ready to start to ROLL!!!

Take the end furthest away and with both hands slowly roll the dough back to yourself. You can roll away from you if you'd like what ever you feel most comfortable doing. After your done, place Oven on 375 degrees and let bake for about 15 minutes or until nice and golden brown! Then let cool, slice into bite sized pieces and MANGA!!! I served this with my Sweet Dipping Sauce Check out the Recipe for that below in my posts for Stromboli!!!
Step 1 : Roll dough out to Rectangle

Step 2 : Start adding Pepperoni

Step 3 : Completely cover dough with Pepperoni

Step 4 :  Add Swiss Cheese

Step 5 : Add your Parmigiana Cheese

Step 6 : Start Rolling

Step 7 : Finish Rolling

Step 8 : MANGA!!!



This meal was great, A huge Pepperoni Roll paired with a nice 3 cheese Pizza!!! BELLA!!! I hope you enjoyed! Check my Pizza post below for the recipe for that!!! Until Next time!!! Rememeber ITS ALL TO EAT!!! SUO TUTTO MAGIARE!!!

-freddy g

More Pics for you!!! MANGA!!!






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